Nerd Safari Podcast

Looking for adventure? Welcome to the Nerd Safari!

Hello and welcome to the Nerd Safari Podcast website. We are glad you joined us! This post is to tell you a little more about us and what this website is all about.

Who are you?

My name is Jesse. I’ve been podcasting off and on since 2006. You might know me from a podcast called ‘Transformers Week In REview’ (aka TFWIRE). I stepped away from podcasts on a regular basis as that podcast wound down, and got out of the Transformers fandom completely. Now 13 years after the debut of TFWIRE, I’m ready to get back into podcasting. After mulling over ideas for quite some time, ‘Nerd Safari Podcast’ won out.

What is it?

Nerd Safari Podcast is a monthly podcast (though that could change) dedicated to bringing you all the latest news, views and opinions on everything nerdy. We will talk about movies, TV shows, tech, board games, comics and pop culture merchandise. If any of those topics interest you, you’ve come to the right place!

Who is joining you?

We are still working to finalize our Safari Guides (aka hosts), but keep an eye out on the footer for Safari Guide names and pictures!

How can I help?

Nerd Safari Podcast will be a listener supported show. We won’t have advertisement clogging up your ear holes, but you can help the podcast out by visiting our Patreon page and becoming a patron. We have 3 different support tiers, ranging from $1 to $10 a month. Each tier brings with it their own unique benefits. As a patron you will also get 1-week early access to new episodes via a private RSS feed. We also have stretch goals on Patreon. Want 2 shows a month instead of 1? How about 3? Maybe 4? Help us meet our goals!

Don’t want to join us on Patreon? No worries, you can help us out with a one-time support option via Venmo. Our Venmo code is in the footer, so pull up the app on your phone and give it a scan.

Can’t afford monetary support? No worries! You can help us out by rating and reviewing us wherever you get your podcasts.

When will the podcast debut?

Very soon! Stay tuned!

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